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Schizophrenic in need of help

I am a father of 3 and I am making the transition from working my whole life to that of a disabled Schizophrenic . The bills and lifes little expenses are piling up and I am running out of creative ways to keep our head above water . I have paid my debts down to just under $5000.00 before they pulled my medical certification . I have been a truck driver for 21 years , it is all I know that I can do alone as I do not play well with others due to my condition . I know I am asking for a miracle here but in my position I figure it doesn't hurt to ask . I hope some of you find it in your heart to donate to me and my family . I can promise you that you are helping real good people in a bad situation that didn't see this coming . We kept hoping the next medication would be the one or that we could at least keep me stable enough to continue working, but with less that a months warning the rug was pulled out . Thank you for your time . Donald and family

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