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Couple trying to afford their downsized dream home

Of course the economy has hit everyone hard and we are no different. I have never been a complainer and always taken responsibility for my own decisions, but it has reached a point that I have decide to ask for help. We are healthy and love each other, so in many ways I am very rich...however money seems to make the world go around, but only if you can prove that you don't need it. Banks have tightened up and we just don't qualify. I am losing a rented space for our belongings and currently live in a crowded, but well maintained mobile home. If we could get enough to get set up in a house with room to grow, somewhere that I can build a future for my wife She deserves what I haven't been able to give her. I would certainly be willing to donate my home to a worthy individual if we are able to realize our dream.

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