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Married Father needs help with medical and housing expenses

My name is Jason Salisbury. Recently, I had a bout with meningitis. This illness caused dementia, and memory loss, among other more common symptoms of meningitis. I was working as an uninsured temp at a factory called Enerpac, through an agency named Spherion Staffing llc at the time. I had left work at midnight on a Monday with the beginnings of symptoms. After this I lost the next 3 days, cannot remember a thing until waking up on Friday in the University of Wisconsin hospital in Madison, WI. Now, I had been incapacitated enough to not be able to call in to work, but my father in law called my agency as soon as he new the severity of the situation. I was also in contact with my agency while in the hospital about wanting to return to work as soon as possible as I have a wife and 2 daughters to support. The day after I was released I was told by my agency that Enerpac had told them that I should stay home that day to rest. The next day I was told I was not being allowed to return to that assignment. I have also recently been denied unemployment benefits as the employer stated that I had quit as a no call no show for a week, even though I had been in contact with them and eager to return to my position. This has left me in a desperate position as my wife does not make enough to support us all and we're now saddled with $35,000 in medical bills to top it all off. Please, if you can find it in your hearts to help a man take care of his girls when he's not too proud to beg.

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