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Hi All,
Last year I met a director who owned a small IT business in Australia and was looking to make some in-roads into the UK. After several meetings with him he had convinced me to join his company to build the business up for him.
I was promised that there was funding until 2016.
I received a small amount to fund a car which was a necessity. All expenses came out of my own pocket and have not been reimbursed. I'd managed to secure 5-year contracts with all of the existing customers who were actually looking to change suppliers! I'd also managed to get four new customers to sign agreements However we would need to invest in new security. We would get this investment back 20-fold though with the secured business.
A fortnight ago I received an email from the managing director to attend a meeting with one of our directors (his wife!) as they wanted to discuss my future.
At the meeting they told me that the funding for my position had now run out and that my contract was to be terminated.
I've now been informed that they have filed for insolvency so there's little chance of my reclaiming what I'm owed. I'm left with around £15000 worth of expenses to pay and a car to sell which I will lose £2500 on.
Until I find another job I have no choice than to post on here and ask for help and as soon as I do get one I will gladly close this plea.

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