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Need to put my home and life back together

I am embarrassed at asking for help but I need help with getting my home and life back in order. I have had a rough last few years. It started by finally getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship of 6 years. Then the next year I lost my mom to cancer. Things were getting a little better and I have a great boyfriend now. But now I suffered a financial hardship when I suffered a sewage backup into my home ( this line was to have been maintained by my homeowners association ) My homeowners insurance doesn't cover damages such as this and my homeowners association has refused to take responsibility for the damage. I have tried to get a demand letter to my homeowners association to seek restitution but to no avail. I was advised by my lawyer that if I take them to court, I could stand to lose , long story short the law wouldn't work in my favor even if it was their pipe and their fault. I am out of pocket $ 7500 for damages to my home and legal fees. I don't deserve any of this and I just want to get my life back again so I can move ahead with my life. I hate asking for help like this but I am desperate and I don't know what else to do. I really am a good person and I just need a break. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if I am presented the opportunity to pay it forward, I will. Thank you.

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