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Need funds for gaming website development!!! XD

I have no one else to ask for help. My adoptive parents left me homeless and I have been staying with friends for the past 4 years.

All 4 of my best friends say I am very intelligent and I should turn some of my ideas into a business which I kind of been avoiding because I have believed no one would ever help me and because I do not have a big network of people to ask for help due to being raised through a abusive solitary lifestyle. Now I am currently trying to put myself out there like they suggested and trying to make something of myself as well as turn one of my ideas into a business!!!

Recently I contacted a website development/design company to create a gamer niche social eCommerce website. The website will allow gamers to socialize, livestream as well as make money through auctioning, creating tournaments, and monetizing there uploaded videos. Basically like merging a Facebook, Ebay,, Youtube and all into one site for example!!!

They agreed to work on the project for me but first I need $5,000 minimum for the website to be created. So I ask the generous person thats reading this to PLEASE help me by donating a minimum of $5,000 so this project can get started because with your donation I can be on my way to getting on my feet and also to starting a successful business.

Asking for $5,000 minimum donation.

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