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Father of Four in need of help

HEllo I am a 39 yo father of 4 who was injured on july 22 2013. severe neck and back injuries from a fall at work. I am asking for money to help my family survive while waiting on workers comp to pay which they are 6 months behind in payments and they are refusing me treatment. lawyers say we have to take it to court and force them to pay and treat. long story short my wife has lost most of her hrs at work and I have little to no income coming in at this time. ill receive a check from w.c about every 6 weeks for only one week of pay. I run the risk of losing my home, cars, health ins due to not being able to pay my union dues. I am asking for any amount please im desperate. I only have my sister to lean on and with my families situation I have strapped her family as well. I beg anyone for any amount. I can once my suit against w.c is settled to repay all that has been giving

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