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I need money

I am just a story like many others in this decade of addiction and what the addiction destroys beyond the addict themselves. I am a 48 year old mother of 3 grown daughters, I owned my own business for over 14 years. I was married to a functioning alcoholic ( never abusive ) and was doing my best to keep our family together.We have a middle daughter who inherited the addition gene of her father and now is a recovering heroine addict. in the height of her addiction I did step back from my company trusting my employees through the guidance of my husband could run the company. I felt my absence would create a normalcy at home that can be lost in any family run businesses.
Fast forward 5 yrs, my husband had been mis communicating and mismanaging his 82 year old family company and mine as well. He relapsed again this time trying to commit suicide once I filed for divorce. I have learned over the years I can only save and heal myself and in that I can example to my 2 healthy adult daughters what is ok and what is not plus picking yourself up and dusting yourself off.
Through all of this I too have a consequence and that is a fallen marriage, a divorce that will be a public forum and expenisve beyond what I put down already but secured the best atty. no retirement, no insurance, credit that is tanked, a closed business that was 50/50 ownership, had no choice or funds to buy him out, personal bankruptcy, humbleness, shut down pride , no car to call my own, my blood extended family that has no knowledge of addiction and has shut me completely and a life I need to simplify all while either going back to college for a two year degree full time or mapping out an plan to reopen my business on a different platform. I so want to reopen my business. I was the creative end and labor end with 3 employees in the end.
I do not have a college degree but i was good at what I did but I also at that time had the platform to support that focus within my industry.
I have no income, been denied unemployment, food stamps . I am not depressed I am anxious to get begin this part of my life , I made the choice to get divorce I did not make the choice to live every day wandering who was going to die first my ex husband or my 23 year old daughter. I am a mother first . After 3 rehabs for my daughter, one for my husband it was time to take care of me. My God has never left my side but I don't do well at sitting still.
To restart my business would be about $25,000, a dependable car , insurance and gas $10,000. If you need to know more please just ask, I am just trying to not get stuck. its one day at a time, the motivation to pay it forward because despite all I have been blessed and my life is more positive than negative. I just need someone to believe in me and help someway , somehow.

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