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Civil Engineering student in senior year desperate

I need money

I have a lifelong dream of becoming an engineer/architect and am so close to accomplishing my goal; however, I am hitting a brick wall! I made the choice to attend college; however, my family can't afford to pay for it so I took on loans. At this point I have reached the maximum allowable federal loan limit for undergraduates. Next year I will be a graduating senior at the University of Delaware(UDEL) in Civil Engineering. Previously I spent 4 years at Delaware Tech working and attending part time and my cumulative GPA is a 3.68. I earned a Deans Scholarship at Drexel University and decided to attend since it has my major of choice. After two full terms my cumulative GPA at Drexel was a 3.56. But in order to pay for the entire costs I still needed to take out a private loan. The first loan I was able to obtain from my own credit and I was unaware that the next year I would require a credit worthy cosigner. Unfortunately, no one in my direct family has good credit to help with the loan and my days at Drexel were forced to end. Stunned, I decided to attend UDEL since in-state costs are low. At UDEL my current cumulative GPA is 3.048. I made Deans list my entire junior year and I love civil engineering since it challenges and excites me. I am also the president of the UDEL Chess Club. I do not have anyone in my family who can cosign for me and am out of options. I am begging anyone out there to please help me finish my degree and achieve my goal of becoming an engineer!

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