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Desperate for financial help

I am working but unable to earn enough to pay off the sewer bill and the property tax where I live. I owe several thousand dollars and if I don't get it paid soon, then the property will be lost to foreclosure. The house needs a lot of repairs as well. I need help to pay for training and assistance to find a better job so that I can be more self-sufficient again. I'm an older man and I live alone. The property where I live was left by my mother when she died and I have not been able to afford to probate her estate. I don't have any relatives near me to help. I don't have any problems that I can't fix by paying others to help me and paying my living expenses. Please help me if you can. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm desperate to avoid becoming homeless. I take bitcoins at this address [1Q15vnzxjk1rz61HMKM7daGgQpRrXKsUpe].

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