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Seeking for investment in antique treasures

Hi all!
My business is dealing in antique treasures. I work in several countries in Inner Asia mining treasures from under the ground with metal detector, but much more I buy beautiful antiques from both treasure hunters or inherited from others. Jewellery, coins, hoards, pieces of art, orders, badges, whole collections, sometimes precious stones or other treasures.
Some of what I previously had had or coming ones can be seen here:!R5QimYRI!mPK68unIBQlvUebRdiYJJA
You will not find these pictures anywhere in the web, they are mine. I keep my stuff for a while, waiting for good customer, then sell it out. It brings enormous profit, but the time of turnover is not fixed. Selling of expensive piece of art can take some months, seldom even up to couple of years. So from time to time I am short of cash in hands. To make a loan at monthly interest is not advantageous since I have to pay interest each month, waiting for a customer. As for me, better to share half a profit!
At current moment I got bogged down again. It is a summer time, no buyers are active, while sellers are offering good stuff. In nearest few months I can invest with expected very high profit up to as much as USD 120,000-150.000, when some particular items can roughly cost 5, 8, 2, 60 and so on kilobucks.
Being a good expert in different kind of treasures, I am experienced in my business, and absolutely believe in what I am doing. Just need credit sometimes, that's why I here.
Who wants to participate, need to know, I am searching a loan, not donate, since I am intended to share profit with you. I believe it enlarges not only mine and yours profit, but also justice, confidence and right human relationship in this crazy world as well. So, helping me is help yourself and make a noble deed both!
Except this, bringing back to the mankind treasures which can disappear under the earth, or die under constructions or tractor on a field means save beauty, and increase knowledge about passed civilizations. It is a just case.
Unfortunately, law makers or their masters are very greedy and wants all unearthed stuff belong to them only. So, to excavate or move treasures thru borders is likewise spider sneaking under stones. Thus I need bitcoins, for anonymity.
I will share, indeed. How much? 50 percents of profit.
What usually my gain is? Well, I do not invest with expected profit lesser than 90% of purchase sum. So, not less than 45% from your funds invested. This is only minimum, good stuff can bring several hundred percents.
When? Immediately after selling out purchased piece. Not very early, I will not lie. Approximately from half a year up to the year. Your investment with interest will be returned to BTC address you send money to me, so don't lose it and don't forget mark your transfer with loan_for_treasure or some similar phrase.
Noble devotees of beautiful antiques, consider investing in profitable and fair business!!
I accept Bitcoin loans, 1Jz6RSRX62Km7ULNrpPXMHAvKXxWpYXCGJ

Member Number: 2006-01

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