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Please Help! Struggling Single Older Mom on Disability!

After waiting to get married and having my children at an older age, I NEVER would have dreamt that at 62 I would be single, disabled, with children in high school, totally broke and in debt, no home, and NO WAY out in sight! I am the eternal optimist and am still the first one to help someone out if at all possible, but... I've lost my dreams - by necessity - now, I am just trying to survive! I am $35,000 in debt (no credit cards, just simply loans, personal loans and past due medical bills). I am two car payment behind, and very soon to be behind in rent. I am an accountant and computer instructor, but can only work very part time with my disability.

I have exhausted every resource I can think of and am here to humbly ask for financial help - soon! I look forward to the day when I will not constantly be wondering where the next meal is coming from, have my own small house again and be able to help others struggling financially.

PLEASE find it in your heart to help me!

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