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I am desperate

I am desperate for money. the property taxes of 3600.00 are due and I do not have money to pay them. I am 78 and my sister is 81, although I worked until I was 75, I can not work now because i am unable to walk well enough. my sister has diabetes plus a few other things that would make it very hard to live on the street, I do not think we would survive. I am hoping there are some kind hearted , good, generous people out there that could help us.

while i am here we need a deck built on our patio,it is concreat and it is all cracked. I already fell once and broke my wrist. we also need very badly water pipes coming into the house.our pipes are really old and we hardly have any water pressure. I thank any body who wants to help us in any way.we would be very grateful.thank you very much.

annie mead

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