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Please Help Almost Homeless Veteran

I am a single mother and an disabled veteran. I was living in Georgia and and my landlord raised my rent to where I couldn't pay it. The VA told me to move to Tallahassee Florida where they would be able to help me. The plan (from what they told me) was to move here and find a house (within their specification). Family Endeavors which is a non profit organization was suppose to pay my rent up to 5 months while the VA puts me on HUD Vag. Well they did not do as they said. They paid 3 months and left me with the other 2. The rent is 1075 a month. I need to come up with 2150 which is two months or me and my kids will be on the streets. In January HUD is supposed to kick in and we will be ok if I can make it that long. If I had known I would be injured during 9-11 and the government wouldnt help me, maybe I wouldnt have joined. Thank you and god bless.

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