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A story that will be hard to believe .. but its true

Hello I know what your probably thinking , what does just one chance mean. well if you have a minute to read it i have a minute to explain it . I'm 29 years old and I have nothing nothing to call my own but a heavy heart and a mind with a million words running through it Let me start you off at the beginning I got tooken away from my family at 1 in a half and put in a foster home as to where me and my little sister stayed for approximatly 8 years. I was beaten and abused in so many other ways there( its a very unpleasant time zone to go back too) moving along we were finally taken out of there and put in another foster home where i have to say i wouldn't even wish that on my worst enemy,now thats a time zone that i can never was a warm summer day my worker picked me and my sister up with our bags packed we shoved ourselves in the back of her car on the drive to our new "home" my social worker kept telling me its going to be ok that she hand picked this one for us herself and she'll keep in close touch. finally we reached the building we were going to be "living" in this is acually the first time inside of a apartment building with worker leading the way up some dingy looking stairs i counted about 3 flights until we reached the door knocked and a lady answered she smiled at me and my sister (who clung to my side for dear life) my worker introduced herself and we were shuffled in and given a tour of the small apartment,small but pleasant i decided.She brought us to our room and i emediately felt relief it was bunk bed set with beautiful lace curtains pretty pink sheets and flower shaped pillows we had a dresser that was beautifully white with a mirror , my sister broke from my side and walked towards the dresser that had a glass plate with sugar cookies on it,she looked up at the women and the lady smiled so sincere and said 'go ahead there for you' pretty much satisfied my worker said her goodbyes to us and left,next day we were enrolled into school .the first month was pretty much ok i made friends my sister did too we had a cool bracelette thing going selling them to our school mates for change so we could go swimming after school. So ya it was the lady and me and my sister until her husbad and son came back from ''where ever the hell they were'' the first time it happened it was late at night and i had to go to the bathroom so i got up and went on my way back out they were standing there talking in some accent i couldnt make out but i did understand when he reached out and grabbed my breast i backed up and then they both shoved me in the bathroom telling me to shut up.i kicked and screamed they covered my mouth and held me down touching my little body parts . the lady voice i heard her voice yelling threw the hall way they let me go and i ran to my room screaming loud . she came there telling me how i need to shut up and that im a hore .i screamed and kicked for hours until the police showed up i wanted to tell them what happened i did but i started to feel dirty bad like it was all my fault like that lady said to me it was my fault for getting out of bed that late at night.days weeks and months went pass after that incident and my and my little sister went through somethings no child should go through. her husband finally left (son still there) and the lady stopped feeding us i mean like starved us we ate nothing our pretty blankets were replaced with wool ones she put a lock on the bathroom kitchen we werent allowed to use the bathroom no more ever not to shower or bush our teeth and guess what her favorate new hobby was to open up jars full of earwigs and red spiders ( god knows where she got them from!) in our room almost every night and tell us to sleep tight.ya so i had to step up right being big sis and all i would steal meat from the school cafe (really but burgers and hotdogs) and cook it on a heater in our room take my sister to the pool change room where we would wash the clothes we wore and hang them out while we swimmed go back to the stupid apartment before dark (or the wicked lady would beat us with something) go to sleep.One night i was sleeping and i felt shadows over me i looked up and there was her husband again ! this time he tried to reach for my sister i grabbed the siscers and cut his hand he went to grab me but thought against it and left the room i woke up my sister and told her we had to go . we packed and we climbed out our window down the balcony(we have done this many times) and off we were into the night . we slept inside the pool fence area for the night and woke up by the police . so i told them and they told me that i cut the man really bad and they didnt want me back matter of fact no place wanted us after that we were stuck in group homes, until my dads brother came for us and then we were split up and passed around through the family until i got sick of it and started running away they put me back in child care where i perfered to stay at that point at 16 years old signed legal custody of myself and that was the end of that..atleast i thought it was i suffored struggled from that age until about 25 to get a place find a job stay in school take care of my mom sister (who had a baby and living on her own) and anyone else i seemed to have a big heart very big weakness to try to fix peoples when really all along i needed the fixing the help i been to so much places in my life stabbed 27 times had my leg broken by a controling man who pretended he was a good guy until his true colors were shown 5 years in an abusive relationship scared for my life i finally got out of it.i got a one bedroom now with two people living with me i seem to not be able to tell anyone mom and cousin (whoms prego at the moment with nowhere to live) i need help.and now i am asking for it i went throught the trials and tribulations i stayed drug free and some what sane.I am an example to all children going through it that you can get through it just stay strong and dont let them take away your smile.but this year im 30 and i need furniture clothes college funds a car ... i have bisness's plans i want to start and honestly i have been trying to save but its so hard with bills and all day to day living expensise i need the help that i have never asked for ..the help i gave out and never asked anything in return i want to be able to go to school clear my debts get a car move into a big enough place (without all the coackroaches and bedbugs) for me and my mom...o i ask please give me just one chance please send me donation any donation at any amount will do for i am saving it along with what i can try to scrabble up(which is never much) im tired of the path i been on

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