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I am Terence from Malaysia, 38-years old, a clerk in a truck outlet, earning US$400.00 per month and staying with my ailing mother, aged 77 in our newly bought low cost house charged to the bank with repayment together with interest to bank totaling US$70,790.00 since 2012. My father passed away when I was only 19.

To cover our monthly housing loan of US$170.00 per month, monthly utilities, increasing living costs and fuels, I sold unwanted items, part time jobs, direct sellings, internet marketing etc but all end up spending rather than earning and we were financially sinking every month end. Even worst, I was once being victimized by internet marketing scam and I will never get back into internet marketing ever again. It is neither my wish nor my will for such situation which is completely beyond my comprehension and God knows that. My upset mother keeps on blaming me, even pounding me with curse and slander for things she herself even cannot understand. I was very hurt, I could do nothing, I feel like giving up and want to run away from her to seek peace within.

As the only son, I was and still am willing to do anything to assist my family financially and with all my best but so far I cannot possibly afford it. My mother has also suffered much and needs peace and assistance. I could not leave her aside. She raised me even in difficult times and I hope I can repay her the best.

We need to settle the said loan amount of US$70,790.00 above to get back to our own feet and if I could not raise such funds in this nearest time, we will be facing uncertain futures as I can no longer support my family.

To all those kind and generous hearts reading this, please consider at whatever amount you deem fit and proper to give as I have strong faith in Gods miracle. I am able to provide whatsoever information of our above situation if requested. Thank you for reading here and blessings.

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