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A Dream For An All Terrain Wheelchair

I look out the window of our bedroom, the sky is grey today, hopefully rain is on the way, my wife is already outside tending to the chickens, and getting ready for the busy day ahead on the farm. Unfortunately I have to wait for her to finish before I can get involved and start my work outside, the bee hives need inspection. I am wheelchair bound and only have a standard government issued wheelchair.

Waiting and struggling to move freely outside on the harsh farm conditions have been my routine since moving to the Klein Karoo to a small farm my parents in law helped us get. Don’t get me wrong it’s the best decision I have ever made, we just can’t afford to buy me the wheelchair I so desperately need to have the freedom to live out my dream, to do everything my disability has limited me to do since I was 18, live an independent life without limitations.

The chair I need, or rather the chair I know that will allow me the freedom to work on the farm is the Mountain Trike, ( it is a manual wheelchair propelled by levers and has mountain bike wheels it also has front and back anti tilt systems, that will allow me to move over sand, gravel, and rocky surfaces without worrying about falling out forward or backwards.

Being in a wheelchair changes your life in many ways, from being able do everything for myself to having to rely on others to do some of the most basic things we so easily take for granted.

The best thing to do is to stay positive and do as much as I can to having a normal life.

I am asking you, the reader to help me make my dream a little easier in achieving, by having a wheelchair like the Mountain Trike.

Please kindly consider making a donation towards a Mountain Trike for me or sharing this with your friends, family, work colleagues and church group that could possible assist me towards one. The more people supporting me, the greater chance I have to reach my dream.

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way" By Napoleon Hill

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