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I Can't Believe This Could Actually Happen

Here it is. I have a job. That's not the problem. The job paid me all last year. And that's not the problem. They want me to pay it all back! You heard me right - pay it all back $49,750.40. That's the problem. Here's how it goes. I have been with this (rather large unnamed company) for 20 years. I've done my work professionally and fairly. This job, however, requires a license. No problem again. For 20 years I have kept my license current. But then tragedy struck: two family members passed away, I racked up huge medical bills for myself, this created financial hardship, then my checking account was frozen for garnishment and if that's not enough, my husband gets laid off. Now we're down to one paycheck - mine. But wait, they want me to pay last years money back. I just can't believe it. I dropped to the ground! And you know what? It's perfectly legal. They get the work and I pay them back. After writing an appeal letter, they still say, pay it back. It's up to them to make allowances and perhaps say I could pay them less back. But that didn't happen. So let me summarize. Family members die, created huge medical bills, husband laid off, garnished bank account and now in addition to this, we were told we owe $16,000 to the IRS for last years income. You know,that's the money I have to pay back. You know, I understand you need a license for this job, but all these problems have caused depression, stress and just literally forgetting things. I realize I forgot to renew my license, but I also forgot my car license plates for 7 months. I believe that after I have worked with them for 20 years, they could find a way to work with me. After all, I have been loyal and have never had a complaint against me. So this is the problem. I don't know how to get all of this paid off or at least caught up. Don't you think I need a break? I think this time God has given me more than I can handle, but I'm holding on. If you could offer any amount of money, you don't know how happy that would make my husband and me.

God Bless you.

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