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I need to be Able to Eat Solid Food Again

I need money

I have an urgent request for some funds so I will be able to eat solid food again by solving the problems I am facing due to broken bridges and loss of teeth. I have only five front bottom teeth because as a child the dentist pulled my bottom back teeth so my crooked teeth would spread out but never did. With the breaking of an upper partial made 8 months ago and being told it is no more in warranty; I am in a condition of severe breakdown. I still owe the dentist $1600 and am still paying him back. I am a veteran but the VA does not cover what I need.

I am unable to eat anything that needs to be chewed and am not in a condition to leave my house without teeth. Because of the size of my mouth the dentist had to cut down the partial to fit. They suggest a lot of other treatments which are too much expensive for a person who is living on social security.

I want to live once again and have a decent smile and be able to eat solid food and live my life to the fullest. I am in urgent need of funds, so that I can go outside of the US for the dental procedures, where they are much cheaper than the rest of the world and much cheaper than the treatments the dentist here prescribed. Please contribute in making my life tolerable. Your valuable donations are welcome and I will make sure that I pay it forward somehow, someday. I don’t want to die with a mouth without teeth. It will be a great feeling to be able to go out freely with teeth in my mouth and not worry about people staring at me.

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