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My Story

One day I had this crazy idea

This is a request for anybody who is in the position to help make this girl's dreams come true to please do so...

Over 10 years ago I had the start of an idea for a website that would be able to remove the mystery and guesswork involved in gift shopping for loved ones. With people now even more prudent in how they spend their money it would also ensure that any investment in a gift would be a productive one that would be appreciated, and not wasted on something likely to be stuffed in the back of a cupboard and eventually thrown away because it was unwanted.

I bought my domain name then sat on my idea for a few years and mulled it over, all the while researching the market and developing the idea with close friends. I was employed during all this time, working hard and showing loyalty to those whose pockets I was lining despite never feeling truly appreciated, but in true British style carrying on regardless and saving what little money I could for the future. However, I still always carried my dreams with me that one day an opportunity would present itself that would lead to me becoming successfully self-employed.

Then, around 5 years ago when my employment status changed to 'not' for the second time in as many years, I decided drastic measures were necessary and it was worth risking my savings to invest in the idea. With no formal job I would have the time on my hands to concentrate 100% on the project, and so I seized the opportunity to hook up with a website developer.

To cut a long story short here, let's just say the relationship did not work well and the (unfinished) results were disappointing. By this time I had already handed over all my savings, and to recover them would mean entering into a legal battle which I don't have great odds of winning and which I would have to fund myself (so may end up costing more than I might be awarded). Sadly I found myself in the position of possibly throwing good money after bad, and so had to cut my losses and fall back to a low-risk employed lifestyle with only my dreams to keep me motivated.

However, I recently found out about this phenomenon that guys and gals like you are all participating in called crowd-funding and felt it could offer the chance to finally turn my website idea into a reality, and also after all these years may have been the opportunity I was really waiting for to fulfil my own dreams of becoming self-employed. I really would not want to deprive anyone suffering genuine hardship from any money, but I was compelled to write my story for you, the crowd-funding community, so that you may decide for yourselves if you feel my request is worthy of your support.

Although here I really could state a very long list of other bad luck in my life, past and present, I do not want to depress anyone still reading with my sob story because this post is not about helping me out of any personal trauma or struggle. What I hope is that someone reading this feels compelled to give a determined entrepreneur a break, like they may once have received from a peer, in a pay-it-forward kind of style. I am certainly not looking for charity or any kind of freebie, because if my idea did become a business which grew successful enough to be able to afford it then I would want to refund every penny (if not more) that anyone was able to donate in gratitude for their original gesture.

The suggestion at the time by the developer was that the whole project (with all my desired additional bells and whistles) will cost in the region of £15,000, or maybe even up to £20,000. This is because the site will need a bespoke database in order to operate as desired. I would love to have a second chance at turning this idea into a reality and to do this I am sure that the sum of £10,000 will be more than enough to get the site off the ground. Once it is up and running then it can begin to earn its own funds to pay for further amendments and improvements. This is such a mammoth sum of money to me and I am not likely to ever be able to fund anything like this again in my lifetime on my own.

Any help you are able to provide towards this idea of mine that I still feel so passionately about and believe can become a successful business would be very much appreciated and gratefully received. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post my email for anyone to contact me for more details if you feel you have questions you would like answered before you part with your hard-earned cash, but please do feel free to get in touch via if there's anything you would like to know and I'll do my best to fill in any blanks for you.

Thank you in advance for reading my story this far... I hope this is not the end.

Kind regards and best wishes to you all.


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