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Lost Our Mother, Needing Help With Bills

My Wife's mother was 86 years old, she went to the hospital for a leg infection, She was healed of this infection but needed physical therapy to help her walk again.

She went to a rehab facility(nursing home) straight from the hospital, she was to be there a couple weeks. She died on Thanksgiving morning at 4:45 am of internal injuries.

After my father-in-law died my wife and I moved in with mom to help take care of her as she needed assistance.

As we lived with her and even had accounts shared with her on some things when we lost her it took $1,100 a month out of our bill paying capacity. Also she lived in an 55+ deed restricted community,so my wife and I only have a few month to move as we are not 55+.

Between mom, my wife and myself, we have a $20,000 plus, total debt to pay off. After all bills my wife and I are now only left with $124.00 per month, so we cant even come up with the first month, last month, and security deposit on a home even to rent, we want to buy, but right now getting that $20,000 plus debt paid off is the most important, than we could save the money we need for a new home.

Also my car is on its very last leg, without it I cant get to work, which is the only thing its used for as it barely runs.

So we are asking for any and all help possible, I know our debt is our fault, but it was a terrible mistake, so we just need any help you can give.

All I can give in return is my prayer for blessings on you for your help.

Thank You

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