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Last Option For A Normal Life

My husband has severe OCD. A lot of people are unaware just how devastating a disease this can be. As the disease has progressed he has gone from an outgoing, open and friendly person to almost entirely housebound, crippled by never ending fear & anxiety.

I'm here because we are crushed by debt as I am the sole provider/caretaker since he cannot work. There is hope in the surgery done at Butler Hospital in RI. The Gamma Knife has shown to have very strong recovery results in those severe OCD patients that are not responsive to traditional treatments. The surgery is our last hope for a somewhat normal life. With this surgery, he can recover enough to work and we can pay off our debt OURSELVES. The cost of the surgery plus flight out isn't covered by insurance and will come to roughly $28,000.

I've taken a 2nd job but we are barely staying afloat. Asking for help like this is our last option. Giving your help would mean everything. Thank you for listening.

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