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Cyber begging allows you to ask for anything your heart desires.

Imagine your family is struggling to make ends meet week after week. You've tried everything but it feels like there is no more light at the end of the tunnel.

Now you find Outrageous Requests. You become a member and your cries of I need money are answered. Our generous donors read your heart felt story and before you know it any feelings of doubt about your ability to reclaim your life are gone.

Outrageous Requests has helped it's users reclaim their lives since 2009. Our nearly 4000 visitors per month means you will have eyes on you from the moment your request goes live. One of our users went from a mobile home to a new house after we found them a grant for $54,000. They didn't have to repay a dime and they got the house they always dreamed of.

Rid yourself of any issues with your health, wealth or self reliance by making the decision to ask for help, right now. Our members get back on track faster and with a bigger head start than simply attempting this on your own. Let us help you get on track to a more productive future.

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