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December 19th, 2012

Los Angeles, California – The website Outrageous Requests has an outrageous request of it's own: they are offering Lindsay Lohan a free lifetime membership to their website, starting December 20th, 2012. Outrageous Requests is self-defined as a “cyber begging” website, where individuals can ask for any help they require, be it monetary or otherwise.

About the offer

Everyone can see the news about Lindsay Lohan's recent escapades – through the years, the 26-year-old has managed to get into a good deal of trouble. It is very clear that she needs help. While she has been trying to clean up her act, the website Outrageous Requests has offered her a deal.

The website is offering Lindsay Lohan a free lifetime membership to help her through her financially challenged situation. “Lindsay Lohan has been on a downward spiral for many years now,” says the company. “Our hope is that we can get her the much needed help she desperately needs, without again having to take her clothes off.” Referencing the offer made to Lindsay by Scores, a strip club in New York City.

The website specializes as a host for what they call “cyber begging”. They even have an extras section, with articles such as The History of Cyber Begging and The Art of Cyber Begging. Users may ask for money, trips, or even experiences such as a skydiving trip. The website sees people giving to those in need as a good investment – they give the example that a skydiving trip “could be sponsored by a skydiving business”. The website usually costs $3.99 a month to post, but they are running a Winter Special this month – 25% off.

Even stars like Lindsay Lohan can use help sometimes – perhaps she will find it here at Outrageous Requests.

About Outrageous Requests

The website was built to supply a demand for a space where people could ask for what they need. In these challenging economic times, there are many left struggling. “At Outrageous Requests, we get it.”

While the website admits that there are now many of these “cyber begging” websites, Outrageous Requests does what many don't – they allow for non-monetarily based donations. If a girl asks for a teddy-bear for Christmas, chances are she might be able to get one via a donation on Outrageous Requests.


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Please contact:

Benjamin Jones - Media Contact